Monday, December 20, 2010

kiss goodbye today

You may think it's the end but you're wrong. It is just the begining of your journey to life

I really really do appreciate all of you all bits of effort by just viewing my blog. You have no idea how much this meant to me. which also means that my bits of not-so-hard hardwork paid off.

I have exactly 2 more weeks to so called heaven.. other than that, I think I have the need to change my title ... but I can't think of any positif words to descibe my epic adventure because the title must be relevant u see?

The more I think of it, I feel like wanna die. U see, the only thing I'm concerned is about my mouth that just cannot stop saying 'what the hell' It's my life quote. and nobody can do anything about it. Bummer.The worst part is that legend said that you are forbidden to do any cursing or swearing inside the jungle. which i find it IMPOSSIBLE. How could I go 1 day without saying 'what the hell' or 'where the hell' or 'who the hell' I just love saying that ,partly because I personally don't think that It's a harsh word.

And what worst to come is that I have approximately 3 months to decide what the hell to study ( oh crap , here comes the word) and where to study ... I need serious major caunseling and I still need to waste my time in SOMEWHEREEEEE.... How could I decide in basically middle of nowhere what I want to study? I'm having a huge dilemma whether to take mass comm or business. when people asked me what I want to be when I grow up , I will give them a blank face and keep quiet .. Of course.. there was one day my XXX teacher discussing about the location of local universities in malaysia.. and she asked me what I planning to do after SPM .. I can't think straight becuase the NS thing is bugging me SO I said I don't know.. I was just being completely honest and she told me that I better off become a house wife =.= OKAYYYY...well see, what If one day I'll be successful

and that is why I'm pissed at that moment of time...

I can't decide what to study and where and even what programme.
so confusing.
should I take the normal foundation or an american degree transfer programme ..I highly doubt it that I will pass their SAT test. though my friend told me that she think the Maths will be kinda easy for me as she took before PSAT @@! But English is no doubt tougher than ever.
and I will have to work like a slave with that kind of cost of living.However, my friend offer me a place to stay. And I have a bunch of families in Cali. Wait a second. Should I even leave Malaysia?

Or I could just settle myself in a private University nearby .. Hmmm...
I just couldn't decide between Taylor,Inti,Sunway and Monash.. They all look just the same to me =.=
mentioning the name Monash is already giving me the creeps..
Taylor lakeside campus is just darling .
Sunway is just next to my second home
according to their flyers, inti is recognise worldwide.

How on earth would I make up my mind.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I don't even know why I......arghhh just forget it

Friday, December 10, 2010

what a fool

Would the real Mr.Right please stand up? =D

I really don't know why and how I get myself into this sticky stituation. It's rather complicated than what I expected it to be. I'm.... I'm such a coward
I guess it's my natural instinct that cause me to do so. why am I such a coward.
At this point , I rewind my the moments that happen in my past.
I suddenly think of me running (literally) out of the classroom because I can't stand the tension within. I suck at making decisions.
So here I am..
I'm Angela.
I love shopping I happens to get sore throat more than 6 times a year
and I always run away because I know you'll fool me again